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Minerals Sulfur: functions and effects, deficiency symptoms, excess, sources

Sulfur Minerals: Sulfur contributes to the respiratory system of healthy work and protects the body's oxygen balance. Supports the work of brain function. Hair, nail and skin health is required for. Is protective against allergic disorders. In the treatment of skin diseases like scabies and eczema are used. Helps the liver and bile secretion of the regular work will increase. Use of Group B vitamins can help. Some harmful bacteria are the lethal effect. Between the benefits of sulfur aging is also taken to reduce symptoms.

Sulfur deficiency symptoms: Sulfur deficiency as is the rare, if not enough sulfur in your body hair can be seen in the weakness and skin pallor.

Excess Sulfur and losses: Excessive sulfur can damage the kidneys. Human body is receiving too much sulfur, headache, throat and stomach to side, to show symptoms such as vomiting. Also, to cause allergic skin diseases. Excess of Sulfur negatively affect most asthma patients.

Sulfur minerals which are found in food? (Sulfur sources) Red meat, chicken and fish, meat, eggs, carrots, onion, garlic, celery, radish, cabbage, spinach, strawberries, banana, parsley, lettuce, potatoes, figs and palms are among the foods that contain sulfur.

Daily Sulfur Requirements: The body needs to meet the needs of the sulfur from 1000 mg daily is the average amount of sulfur.