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Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What is Phlegm? The secretion of the respiratory organs, the pituitary is called slime dropped out of the mouth. Alone is not a disease and phlegm in the respiratory tract is normal to have a little phlegm. To disturb the color of phlegm and çoksa degree can be a symptom of a disease has changed.

Phlegm Causes: The color of the mucus is also important to find out what caused disease. Black and gray smoke in the phlegm, such as coal dust and air pollution occurs. Red, bloody mucus on the lungs, it may herald a serious ailment. Chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, inflammation of the respiratory tract, such as tuberculosis are seen in yellow phlegm. Is a typical feature of asthma, transparent mucus. This mucus is very sticky mucus and the patient is difficult to assign.

Phlegm Treatment: Primarily for the treatment of sputum expectoration, and to find the cause of the illness is caused by a disease to start treatment is needed. However, complaints to reduce phlegm expectorant drugs and herbs can be used.

For herbal treatment of phlegm; herbs such as licorice, ginger, lime and stinging nettle can be used. Crushed seeds of the grapes stinger with water prepared by boiling in water a tablespoon each day until the mixture is continued inside the throat of phlegm and disassembly helps to soften.