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Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What is Muscle Cramps? Deposit of a severe pain that occurs with a sudden jerk out of the request is called to the muscle cramps.

Muscle Cramps Symptoms: When we use the muscles that can voluntarily be controlled, such as those of our arms and legs, they alternately contract and relax as we move our limbs. Muscles that support our head, neck, and trunk contract similarly in a synchronized fashion to maintain our posture. A muscle that involuntarily contracts is called a "spasm." If the spasm is forceful and sustained, it becomes a cramp.

Muscle Cramps Causes: Excessive exercise, excessive load, the muscle hard, to stay longer in the same position, extreme fatigue and loss of water are the main reason to create a cramp. Also, sugar, kidney and heart and vascular disorders in pregnancy cramps may occur. Minerals deficiency such as calcium, magnesium and potassium also prepares cramps to occur. Artery disease from a doctor must be sure to cramp.

Muscle Cramps Treatment: Cramp, the cramps from entering the region will be extremely sensitive to the patient as calm and gentle movements to relax and stretch muscle cramps from the affected region rahatlatır. Massage and hot water bath is also helpful. Gently move the patient muscle cramps are entering must be loosened. Pregnancy is a situation frequently encountered in the formation cramp, especially during pregnancy, therefore make sure that enough water and minerals must be taken.

Cramp for Prevention must take care not to overstrain muscles. In addition, the lack of adequate and balanced mineral feed and to consume adequate amounts of water will reduce the possibility of holding cramps. Increases the risk for cramps should be away from alcohol